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This book is my autobiography from birth to the age of forty-four. One of the reasons why I felt an urge to write this book was simply because I thought it was a story worth telling. Another reason was because, over the many years of my personal life and sports career, my life has been  ̶  to my surprise  ̶  often perceived by other people very differently from what I saw my life to be.

During my life as a professional fighter, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. But the peculiar thing about it was that what I saw as a normal or even a happy period of my life, many other people around me would later view as a period in my life where I had no reason whatsoever to be happy about anything, and for which they would almost feel sorry for me. Which I resented! On the other hand when I endured my most miserable moments and felt I had hit rock bottom, many people around me would view those moments of my life, and me as a person, as successful and something to be proud of. Which I also resented.


So, a part of this story is about my achievements that were sometimes viewed as my failures and my failures that were sometimes viewed by others as the best moments of my life. It’s clear to me now that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is the sense of success a perception related to an individual.


The third reason for me to write this book is because I hope that my story can be a motivation for all those who think they were dealt a bad hand of cards in life; that they can do anything they set their mind to. Because it doesn’t matter where you come from at the start of your journey, or your financial situation at that point in time, or even how many opportunities are available to you then. What matters is how determined you are to get where you want to go. This is the only thing that really matters. Because with determination comes focus, endurance, and resilience ̶ three key factors needed to overcome almost any obstacle standing in your way during your lifetime.


So here is my story about my focus on the big picture, my determination to succeed, and my resilience to failure. Here is my story about my perception of success and my quest for happiness.




Amount of pages:  274 / full color

Language:   Engels

Size:  210 x 279

ISBN: 978-94-6345-677-7


Amount of pages: 149

Language: English

Size: 155 x 235

The difference between the softcover version and the special edition:

The normal version: Softcover, 149 A5 size pages, about 10  photos. (more a pure reading book)

The special edition: Hardcover, 274 A4 size pages in full color, more than 250 photos.  


ISBN: 978-94-6345-678-4


Amount of pages: 164

Language: Dutch

Size: 155 x 235

paperback version € 17,95
harddcover € 43,95
paperback version € 17,95
eBook version € 11,95
eBook version € 11,95



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