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1970. Jerry Morris was born in Aruba, Dutch Antilles. At the age of five months, he moved to Holland with his mother and older brother, Renaldo.

Jerry Morris began his kickboxing training at the age of thirteen under the supervision of the renowned World Champion Luciën Carbin and his senior pupils, Paul Pengel and Cor Marengo. After winning his first three amateur fights, he moved up to the semi-amateur category, where he won six muay thai fights, losing only one by a close majority decision.


1991. With only nine fights to his credit, Jerry leapt into the pros. His first opponent was the then-current World Kickboxing Champion, Andre Masseur, who was looking for an easy win. To everyone’s surprise, Jerry knocked Masseur out in the second round. This was the start of his impressive Thai kickboxing career.

From 1992 to 1993, Jerry trained at the famous Mejiro Gym, where he learned much through his countless sparring sessions with top fighters, like Rob Kaman, Andre Mannaart, Bob Schrijber, Leo Snoo, and Tommy van de Berg.


In 1993, Jerry teamed up with Gym International and Cees van der Velden, where he managed to win his first European and World titles in Thai kickboxing. As a teenager Jerry had always dreamt about becoming (the first) World champion hailing from Aruba. So when he finally got his chance and successfully defeated the current World Thai Kickboxing Champion, Nung Moon Khot from Thailand, he literally fulfilled his dream.

​1995–2002. After working with different trainers, he started training himself, combining their different training methods. Jerry was convinced that no trainer could train and push him as well as he could. In this period of his career, he managed to win no less than five World Shidokan full contact karate titles and three World Thai kickboxing titles.

​1998-2002. Jerry lived in Holland until 1998. At the end of the year 1998, Jerry left Holland and moved to the Dutch Caribbean Island of St. Maarten, where he opened a fitness and kickboxing gym. Jerry, in addition to running his own gym in St. Maarten, successfully promoted several boxing and kickboxing events, including a World Thai Boxing Title fight in which he was the main event, making him a World Champion for the ninth time. After having lived in St. Maarten for nearly four years, Jerry returned to Holland in 2002.

From 1992 to 2002, Jerry had continuously been a champion for ten years in a row in one or another fighting style. After winning nine world titles, Jerry began preparing for life "after" his professional fighting career. He decided to pursue a degree in sports management as well as a bachelor's degree in sport and education.

​2003-2011. Back in Holland, while most of his attention went to his studies, he still managed to become World Muay Thai Champion in 2006 for the fifth time. In 2008, Jerry finished his studies at the CIOS Sports Academy and graduated as a sports manager. In 2008, Jerry got a taste of the Israeli self-defense form called Krav Maga. Jerry figured this fighting form would be a good addition to the fighting knowledge he already had. In 2010, Jerry received his instructor’s license. Jerry earned his bachelor's degree in sports and education in 2011 after graduating as a physical education teacher.

​2012-2023. After graduating, Jerry chose to stay in Holland and resume his career as a professional fighter. But because of his sudden, extremely intense training, Jerry suffered an Achilles tendon tear. Although devastated at first, he decided to use the time he needed to rehabilitate from his injury and write his own autobiography. He wrote his book "Dream Cather" (2016) in two years, followed by the Dutch version "Dromenvanger" (2018) two years later. Because of the positive reception of both books, he decided to write a book about his mindset, "Mindset is the Difference Between the Best and the Rest," outlining the mindset that helped him become a ten-time World Champion. Two years later, he published the Dutch translation: "Mindset is het verschil tussen de beste en de rest" (2020). Jerry is in the process of writing the follow-up to his book Dream Catcher, titled "Embracing Your Destiny." One of his many mottos is "Once discipline is understood goals come within reach."

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