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(area Amstelveen and Amsterdam)

Personal Training indoor and outdoor

​Have you been looking for a professional personal trainer in Amstelveen and Amsterdam? And did your search lead you to this page? ​Is it your intention to lose weight, gain muscle mass, exercise more, exercise more efficient, or live a healthier life? And could you use some expertise help? Then let me tell you how I can help you achieve your goals. 

​From early in the morning to late past midnight I have access to two state of the art fully equipped gyms. One located in Amstelveen (Health City Zuid) and the other in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost (Bien Fitness).

​Personal Training at home or Outdoor

​ -    Are you lacking the time to go to a SportsCenter? Or perhaps do not enjoy       

      working-out with other people around?

 ·    Do you have a space at home where you can take a few steps forwards and

      backwards? Or an outdoor space like a garden? 

 -    Or maybe some space in front of your own house?

 -    Are you willing to train outdoors in a park, forest, beach? If so then I will be

      happy to work with you.

​To addition to that, Amsterdam has many different locations suitable for outdoor training, including “het Amsterdamse bos”. But other parks and open spaces are also suitable. So in other words If you like being outdoors or just don't have the space to workout at home, then we'll just go outside. I will bring all the necessary equipment with me. You don’t have to buy or store anything.


Personal Training at Work

​Do you have a small training space at work where you can take a few steps forward and backwards? Or is there a recreational park just around the corner from where you work? Then I can train with you before, during or after business hours. One on One coaching.

​Exercising is good but exercising the right way is even better. A personal trainer helps you train more efficient. 

I'm a Medical fitness instructor and also have experience training clients with a range of different injuries. 

My expertise lies in:

 -    Losing weight

 -    Gaining muscle mass

 -    Enhancing strength

 -    Enhancing overall cardio pulmonary fitness (heart and lungs)

 -    One on one boxing sessions

 -    One on one kickboxing sessions

 -    One on one krav maga sessions

 -    As a physical education teacher I am specialized to train all ages

Depending on your goal, you can choose 10, 20 or 30 sessions.

​So are you ready to change your life positively? Do you want to lose weight, exercise more and / or live healthy? Then send me a request for a free intake  without any obligations.

Thanks! Message sent.



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